Julius Guzy's paint studio on 25th May 2005

                              view from the left of canvass painted after ruben"s modified copy of battle af anghiari standing on easel top of canvass: wind in the trees resting on drawing board with views of derry and of bogay hanging from shelves                  
corner of room next to lhs left hand window with Bella"s Dream propped up against bookshelves left hand shop bay window looking out through lace curtains onto car parked outside on argyle terrace and pastry shop on corner of argyle street which also provides hot food to take-away: fried saussages, eggs etc door of shop, with part of right hand window looking out onto argyle terrace with the argyle arms pub just visible accross the street right hand shop bay window looking through lace curtains at car emerging from cedar street, in foreground a wooden supporting collumn with pictures pinned to it, corner of untidy work table with anglepoise table lamp. corner of large (8 ft by 4) work table standing against wall of bookshelves with books. Table is covered in papers and jars of brushes, angle-poise lamp on left and lhs of a canvass on the right. The canvass is of battle of anghiari face on view of canvass of battle of anghiari painted after drawing modified by Rubens of Leonardo"s painting wall of studio that faces shop front, showing rhs corner of battle of anghiari on its easel, top lhs of wind in the trees resting on drawing board, paintings of derry hanging from shelves. The shelves have drawings and photos pinned to them. far right corner of studio. In foreground draftsman"s adjustible drawing board on which rests painting of wind in the trees, with canvasses resting against large canvass of bombing of babylon far right corner of studio with sink and water heater. Rhs of canvass of wind in trees and canvass of bombing of babylon propped up against wall on rhs right hand wall with corner that abuts left hand shop bay window. Bella"s Dream leans against bookshelves in middle right, bit of bombing of babyon can be seen on the left. Bookshelfs carry books and glass jars with paint brushes
                        top of 8ft by 4ft table with angle-poise lamp in foreground. Table is covered with prints of battle of anghiari (rubens"s version, the drawing etc), a3 working drawings for lincoln court mural, jars of paint brushes, cardboard boxes I get my picture frames in stacked underneath base of easel with battle of anghiari, and small table (beneath big table) on which rests palette with acrylic paints (used for underpainting battle of anghiari), coverred with pictures and also watercolour box and palettes and brushes from painting Lucy"s birthday present of swans. Corner of easel is visible tin top lhs. palette for oil paints on large board resting on large cardboard box with drawing board holding picture of wind in the trees behind it. Box of oil paints rests on the board. The palette is being used for the top painting of battle of anghiari Drawing board on which rests painting of wind in the trees with oil paletter below and box of oil paints            

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