Programming examples in Objective-C using Cocoa for OS X Leopard

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The pages in this part of the website provide coding examples created as part of my learning to program the Mac. I hope they will be useful to others.

Programming in Objective-C using Cocoa on Mac OS X Leopard

Despite having spent some thirty years programming a variety of computers in various programming languages it took me more than 6 months to learn enough to create the range of interface designs I needed to write serious programs for my beautiful Mac G4 running OS X.

I hope this admission will hearten programmers who also have found it hard to learn Cocoa, XCode and Interface Builder.

These pages provide some examples of the types of things needed to use the system. I add to them as I can. Kindly tell me of any difficulties you find.

The examples are implemented in Leopard so if you're looking for examples using Tiger I'm sorry. Going over to Leopard and XCode 3 was a good move or I'd still be tearing my hair out. I'm not out of the woods yet but.

All the examples use automatic Garbage Collection.

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