Friday 16 December 2006

Start blog.
in middle of painting the Death March. Picture to come later.
Shifted horison line down by about six inches.

The picture attempts to render visually the view expressed in the book : Hitler's Willing Executioners.

Description of picture:Death March.

Size: 126cm high by 110 cm wide. (check).
I am currently about a month into the painting.

death march, stripper

Curved horison line tilted so the left hand side is much lower than the right.
The atmosphere reaches up about a foot above the horizon, pale to dark ultramarine, should be cobalt.
Above the atmosphere the heavens, black to very colourful.
sun plasma loops
On the top, just left of centre we have a massive, say 7 or 8 inch diameter yellow orange sun with massive plasma loops. Below, just under right hand side of sun is the moon, about 4 inches in diameter.

On extreme left hand side are three more planets to their right a couple of galaxies.
Clouds surronding the sun display pictures of saint Cecil(?) of Alexandria who I think had about 200 plus jews massacred, then jews being burnt in a pit, then a set of clerics looking beningly upon a set of six or more jews being broken on three wheels with fires being lit beneath them, then a jew in that peaked cap and stiff poncho beloved of the inquisition being led to the stake by hooded monks.
burning jews broken on wheel, inquisition auto-da-fe
Right hand side heavens have swirling clouds yet to be populated by crusaders and first world war killing. Also contains exploding stars and galaxies, plasma jets, that sort of thing.

exploding stars and galaxies

In the centre of the picture, emerging out of the plain and fairly near the horizon is a tall Babel tower with a human like aspect. The tower is made of glass in the form of soap bubbles. Within the bubbles, are holograms projected upon the inner surfaces of the bubbles. The holograms illustrate the Blood Libel: Jews killing Christ, stealing babies and bleeding them for Passover rights, poisoning wells to cause the black death, kissing the anuses of goats as if they were the devil, torturing the host which bursts into fire and burns down their houses, subverting the Nation, bleeding the population, sowing corruption throughout society: that sort of thing.

To the right of the Babel tower in close middle ground is a church with flying angels over the door, figure of Christ rising out of its apex, his head becoming the centre of a round window surrounded by flying angels. To the left and right of the door can be seen the interior walls of the church with two huge stained glass windows each, The windows display deaths of the saints such as St Sebastian filled with arrows, others being roasted on a griddle, another whose head is being sawn in half, another being blah, etc. Above the windows a rotunda, god the father surrounded by flying angels. Inside the church the preacher is pointing at the tower and holding up a large poster displaying the propaganda head of a Jew (big nose, bottle lens glasses, huge lips, fat cheeks, piggy eyes, skull cap).
The congregation listens.

On the church steps newly weds and entourage are posing for a photograph. To the right, at the base of the bell tower (four bells in different stages of being rung) is the same poster as that of the cleric being held up by two winged angels. Out of the church fly ghouls with heads identical to those on the posters. The ghouls make fearful shapes around the newly weds, gurney off their perches on the church spire, or fly in amongs the crowd outside the church. At same distance as the church we see the orators on collums reached by spiral staircases, on little stages, on balconies etc.. They all point to the tower and hold up the same picture as the cleric. Behind the orators are flags. Their audience also hold flags.
Accross the bottom of the picture we see a collumn of exhausted, starving, dying Jewish women dragging themselves on the death march. Some of them are being beaten to death by guards. As they approach the church the wedding party falls upon them and beats some of them to the ground. We see the happy copuple with bridesmaids etc. being photographed upon a pile of the women thy killed.

By the side of the church is a carriage occupied by two of the rich and powerful men. The rich and powerful are represented as follows. They wear tails, a rounded starched shirt front and top hat. They are accompanied by very pneumatic females, masses of hair, tight waists, sequins, jewels. The girls are attended by a page boy whose job is to look after a toy poodle. Guarding this happy family are the police in riot gear, helmets with visors, perspex shieds, truncheons. At all times, painted ambiguously, there is a human shape crouching before the fly of each of the rich and powerful. The implication is obvious but only to adults and only if one spends time to think about it. In middle ground, to the left is a sort of palace where a number of the rich and powerful are talking.

All this takes place within a beautiful pastoral landscape as might have been painted by Gainsborough complete with cows etc.
As much as possible the national identity of the landscape is English: I do not think the holocaust occurred because of specifically German genes. We're all up to it.

The jewish women, those in the act of beating them, the rich and powerful, cows, trees, etc., sun, planets, galaxies etc., are depicted as real. All else: the church, the tower, congregation, newly weds, orators, ghouls, etc., are depicted as unreal.
The picture radiates beauty.

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