Wednesday 20th December 2006

Death march picture.

Basically the composition is now complete.
All the elements have been decided as has their location.
Now it is just a matter of getting the drawings done and painting it.

I went to Sandino's late and chatted with a few people. This led to discussion of the film Borat. A friend wanted me to see it because it showed some americans really behaving badly. For instance twenty thousand americans at a rodeo cheering his sugggestion to kill lots of Iraquis. Or people helping him to choose agun with which to kill slaves. I said I saw some clips of the movie on tv and found it crass and would not be going. This started a lively debate.

On the way home I realised my picture was missing a vital element: sheep. Another problem worked itself out in my sleep.

The problem was this. I had the plutocrats and the orators and I wanted to show the plutocrats controling the orators - that there was a reciprocal relationship. I had the idea of having them all speaking on the phone. But who was speaking to whom? The solution I woke with was for all the plutocrats to have ostentatious phones and only one of them using it. All the orators have side kicks holding phones. One of the side kicks hands a handset to an orator. Clearly the plutocrat has rang the orator. Solved.

Here are pictures of the painting as it is currently

fisher of men

fisher of men head close up with jesus and jews

deep space



ghouls and crusaders

ghouls and crusaders

soldiers world war 1, ww 1


sketches for plotocrats and the wedding party

fisher of men

fisher of men

fisher of men

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