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Tigers and Crocodiles 5th February 2015

Day 4 at the wall

Changed the position and orientation of the left crocodile. Shifted the middle crocodile a bit to the right. Have started re-orienting the body of the rightmost crocodile so it goes away from us. Changed the position of the right arm of the top tiger.

tigers v crocodiles 2015 02 05
tigers and crocodiles day 4


first sketch
first sketch.

drawing squared up ready for transfer
The drawing squared up ready for transfer

tiger arm extended
Moved the Paw up and generally made it more fierce.

What is to be done next

Though the leftmost crocodile has its legs on top of the body of the central crocodile it don't look as if it does. That front foot on top of the other's head is not taking any weight. Needs oomph!

These crocs are too thin. They need to be bigger, more solid, broader. Real crocs are just massive!

And how does one make a crocodile look terrified? I mean, they have this huge grin - laughing with terror!!!? Must I pervert their facial anatomy?

The lower tiger's embrace of the rightmost crocodile does not quite feel right but I'll be leaving that until I've sorted a few other things out.

I had made a mistake drawing the top tiger in excessive detail. That has made it harder to change or move from one place to another. I may need to destroy the drawing a little.

Now that I've lifted the tiger's right paw and the body of the left crocodile extends into the depths of the painting there is a need to position the top tiger accurately.
Firstly this needs to be done by drawing - for instance by emphasising related parts of the anatomies of these two animals
Secondly it is worth having a look at shining the sun over them both and allowing the shadow of the tiger as it crosses the body of the crocodile to provide a spatial reference.

That paw is pathetic!

I'm not sure what to do with the sun
I liked the idea of the rays being a bit like in a religious icon, which sensation would be enhanced through the use of gold leaf. But they're now looking a bit ridiculous principally because of the naturalism of the tree and the animals. Before I destroy these rays I need to see what difference a few five pointed stars would make if they fell onto earth and became incorporated in the bodies of the animals a bit like in Lucia and the Peacock.

link to Ceramic Mural in Sorbas, Almeria, Spain

The original title of the tiger painting was "The Birth of Carbon". The idea was that it should illustrate various aspects of this process: exploding stars, models of the carbon atom, depiction of the fusion process by which two hydrogens become Helium, two Heliums become Berylium, Berylium plus Helium becomes Carbon, etc, the processes by which protons and electrons fuse to become neutrons, I wanted a bit of a model of DNA and we definitely want a few galaxies whizzing about.
So I think I need play around with this for a while

Oh, and I need put some teeth in the crocodiles.

When the avant-garde becomes stale-garde the time has come for retro-garde!

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