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Julius Guzy

Paintings & Drawings

  • Link to Sketch for paintings of the genocide in Rwanda represented as a large Falla in the Passeo de las Germanias in Gandia

Most Recent Pictures (newest first)

  • Link to mural painted for the glbt (gay lesbian bisexual and transgender) community for pride week in derry/londonderry
  • Bella strokes the panda that Lucy is sitting on, an anteater passes with baby anteater n her back, two squirrels chatter and pink flamingos land on the river, in jungle with lotus flowers
  • link to painting of the Cities of Babel destroying our Garden of Eden
  • Link to picture of flying spaghetti monster with pirates attacking tower of babel
  • Link to anti-war in Iraq christmass card showing bombing of babylon and the crib with virgin mary, joseph, shepherds and baby jesus
    • Christmass Card
  • Link to picture of valencian landscape with flying spaghetti monster and pirates saving world from global warming
    • Flying spaghetti monster and pirates
  • Link to make poverty history drawing of dancers and musicians on derry's walls -
    • Poster for make poverty history
  • Link to drawing made from painting by Rubens of the Feast of Venus
  • Work in progres: charging elephant on mural in lincoln courts derry / londonderry
    • Lincoln Court mural: work in progress
  • Link to Sketch: Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II rising to heaven helped by Mother Teresa and Padre Pio in a spiral of 469 saints being met by The Virgin Mary with Christ at the gate of heaven, with the burning earth and its suffering people below
  • Link to sheet of drawings after the drawings by John H. Vanderpoel: the torso, pelvis and ribcage
  • Link to picture using new technique to represent looking through branches of a weeping willow by a river
  • Link to drawing made from painting by Rubens of the four continents
  • Link to drawing made from painting by Rubens of Venus in Front of Her Mirror
  • Link to picture of tomato plants
  • view of the Donegal Shop from the bottom of Shipquay Street, Derry
  • Picture drawing of two charging elephants for mural in lincoln courts derry / londonderry