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Julius Guzy

Paintings & Drawings

  • Link to Sketch for paintings of the genocide in Rwanda represented as a large Falla in the Passeo de las Germanias in Gandia

1998 Siege of Derry

  • painting of siege of derry with mortars exploding above the city and the mounjoy and sister ships on the river foyle
  • painting of siege of derry with horses blown to pieces by exploding shell and a defender blowing out the brains of a beseger with his pistol
  • painting of an assault on the walls of derry with scaling ladders, halberds and musket fire and cannon
  • drawing of aftermath of the siege of derry showing a dying horse and a man looking at the stumps that are his arms
  • drawing of aftermath of siege of derry showing smoke creeping over ruined walls and piled up bodies of people and horses
  • a plague on both your houses painting of the siege of derry interpreted as waves breaking over giant's causeway