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Julius Guzy

Paintings & Drawings

  • Link to picture using new technique to represent looking through branches of a weeping willow by a river

2003 Bella's Dream

  • Painting of Bella's Dream showing her with elephants, monkeys, zebras, lions, hippopotamus, giraffes, crocodiles,palm trees, flamingos, pandas, snakes, seals etc.
  • link to sales of prints of bella's dream
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  • Quicktime VR of painting of Bella's dream with crocodiles, zebras, lions, jungle, giraffes, snakes, monkeys, parrots, gorillas, elephants, flamingos, anteater, bears, leopards etc.
    • Quicktime VR: 2.2 Mb
  • Bella and Lucy with aztec musicians, flute players, and a lion, giraffes, parotts and jungle
  • Bella strokes the panda that Lucy is sitting on, an anteater passes with baby anteater n her back, two squirrels chatter and pink flamingos land on the river, in jungle with lotus flowers
  • Bella and the white rabbit are talking to the black bear, ducks are landing behind them, there is a stork and a heron and two crested ibex
  • Bella strokes a crocodile, behind her a lon cub plays with a tiger cub, lucy is playing with rabbits, two hippopotami are in the river, zebras drink and parrots fly as do butterflies
  • bella is playing with the elephants one of whom squirts warter at her, a gorilla mother and child look on, flamingo's are landing on the river
  • Pink flamingos are landing on the river, Bella dicves into the water, parrots fly and snakes anaconda
  • A parrot talks to the gibbon whilst Bella looks towards the source of the music from the top of a palm tree
  • Bella plays hide and seek, whilst the chimpanzee mother and her baby play with Lucy, the Panda talks to Bella, whilst pink flamingos land in the jungle
  • Bella talks to a seal whilst another balances Lucy on its nose, flamingos are taking off in the distance, Bell dreams
  • Chimpanzee (old boy) in tree house looks on polar bear cub and brown bear cubs playing illuminated by chinese lanterns, with parotts and pink flamingos and a boa constrictor snake
  • a macaw parrot talks to two snakes, and anaconda and boa constrictor, while pink flamingos land and squirrels chatter
  • zebras drink at the river, macaw parrots fly and hyppos yawn