picture of the tower of babel destroying the planet, our garden of eden, killing animals, seals, giraffes, bears, snails, trees, burning forests, bombing babylon, iraq

Sketch for painting of Our garden of Eden, 2006, acrylic on canvass, 76 x 61 cm

The cities of Babel are destroying our planet, our Garden of Eden.

Their bombers bomb Babylon, cradle of western civilisation, modern day Iraq.

Babel's buldozers tear down the trees. The forests are set on fire. The whole planet is burning.

Babel flies in its TV screens to confuse us with a surfit of information, to hide what is happening.

Humans kill the animals, the seals, elephants, giraffes, like automata.

Bruno, one of the last of the wild brown bears started wandering the mountain slopes of lower Germany so they sent out the hunters to shoot him. He's now turned into a diplomatic incident because both the German's and the Italian's want to make a profit out of him.

Our children vandalise our environment, destroy the plants, stamp on snails, on anything living.

And I surrounded by the flames of passion paint landscapes oblivious what's going on.

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Julius Guzy

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Sketch for Our Garden Of Eden

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