Our children respect their environment as little as the majority of us does. Here they are stamping on a few snails and breaking a sapling, a tree

Detail: Our children stamping on a few snails and breaking a tree

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Julius Guzy

Paintings & Drawings

  • Link to drawing made from painting by Rubens of the Feast of Venus

Sketch for Our Garden Of Eden

  • link to painting of the Cities of Babel destroying our Garden of Eden
  • link to detail showing seals being culled and a culled elephant
  • link to detail showing one of the Tower of Babel's buldozers destroying a tree
  • link to detail showing B52 bombers are coming out of the Tower Cities of Babel to bomb Babylon, Baghdad in Iraq
  • link to detail showing picture of the Cities of Babel bombing Babylon, Baghdad, Iraq, with hanging giraffe
  • link to detail showing Iraqi woman and camel blown up by bombs from the Towers of Babel
  • link to detail showing me immersed in the flames of passion painting a beautiful landscape oblivious to the world about me
  • link to detail showing  Bruno one of the last wild brown bears in europe being shot for worrying a few sheep
  • link to detail showing Tower of Babel made of giant TV screens
  • link to detail showing children stamping on a few snails and breaking a tree.