picture, image, flying spaghetti monster with pirates observing the bombing of babylon (Baghdad)

Flying spaghetti monster with pirates observing the bombing of babylon (Baghdad), November 2005, pen and ink enhanced with crayon and watercolour, 20 x 29.6 cm

The flying spaghetti monster and pirates observe the bombing of Babylon - Baghdad.

This war has killed about 15,000 civilians (also see here) and the numbers are likely to be much much higher. The number of civillian wounded is likely to be several times higher. About 2,045 US military personell have died (also see here). and almost 200 from other countries (almost 100 from UK).

There have been serious human rights abuses including torture, sending people to be tortured in other countries, degrading treatement, imprisonment without trial etc.

We need to get angry about this and put an end to it. This is a war fought for money, people being killed for money, tortured and abused for money. If the moral arguments do nothing to sway the voter's hearts then hopefully the pragmatic arguments will: that the torments which our govenments inflict upon others will come back to haunt us through attacks on ourselves and the destruction of our liberties.

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