mural  called the stuff stars are made of by Julius Guzy in derry or londonderry at the rainbow projecte in queen street

Stuff the stars are made of, August 2007, acrylic on board, 10 x 2 metres

This is a mural I painted for the GLBT community (gay,lesbian, bisexual and trangender) for gay pride week in Derry/Londonderry.

The painting is unfinished. In fact it comprises just the minimum colouring required to gain an idea of what the picture is about. There simply was not the time to get it finished before putting it up nor while it was in place in queen street. I am currently taking the idea forward on the maquette.

People are greeting their newly liberated friends as they come out. Others are freeing birds from bird cages. A mother gives a clip round the ear to a nasty child pulling feathers out of a bird he's captured. A couple of peacocks and another little bird hiss at him. Musicians play traditional Irish music.

On the right hand side of the picture we have the sun and colliding gallaxies and exploding stars, The star dust condenses to form joyous figurees dancing the dance of life. Separating the dance from the left hand side of the painting is a doorway through which may be seen the yellow brick road taking us to the land of Oz.

Here is a link to George Row's Quicktime panorama movie of the mural

picture of the mural in context of the buildings of the rainbow project in queen street

the mural and buildings

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2007 Stuff the Stars are made Of

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