This page displays a picture or view of Derry as a Quicktime Virtual Reality movie. It's a bit big: 1.7 MB. You navigate by putting your mouse over the picture and dragging in the direction you want to go. You can zoom in and out of the picture by clicking the Plus (+) and Minus (-) signs on the bottom left of the movie or by pressing the Shift or Control Keys on your keyboard (when the mouse is over the picture).

Quicktime Virtual Reality movie of picture or view of Derry / Londonderry, Northern Ireland, from the Waterside

This quicktime virtual reality panoramic view or picture of Derry / Londonderry was made from the composite of several hundred stills taken with a video camera from Eskaheen View on the Waterside district. The original composite twice as long and twice as broad. It was made as part of painting a panoramic view or picture of Derry which I should complete towards the end of March.

The painting will be 1189 x 841cm (A0) and will use the same representational techniques as used in Landscape at Bogay in order to include the approximately 100 degree field of view without it being shown as a ribbon of land with a huge sky.

The quicktime picture starts with the Creggan Factory and the tower of the old prison on the left and extends over to the Foyle New Bridge and the traffic lights at the triangle on the right.

From the left then, we see Brook Park, and below that the Verbal Arts Centre with the Army Watchtower on the walls behind it. Then is St Eugene's cathedral, roofs of the courthouse, and St Collumbs cathedral below which may be seen a good portion of Derry's Walls.

Behind the cathedral can be seen the turrets of the top of the Apprentice Boys building. The trees above there are those of .... Park. To the right and below can be seen the big houses at the top of Crawford Square, and the Fire Station and its practice tower.

The big red brick building below is the new part of the Northwest Colledge of Further and Continuing Education. Below that we can see the red gables of the Old School and the white front of the Talbot Theatre by New Gate, Just under that are the red gables of the old fire station in the fountain.

To the right is the Mc.Loon factory and behind it the buildings of the old convent now the Playhouse. Above this can the seen the social security offices in Asylum Road, and the old NWIFHE on the Strand Road (Northwest Institute of Further and Higher Education). Behind that are the trees of Laurence hill and the media centre of Magee College of the University of Ulster

Down by the river is the site of the old factory at Carlisle Circus with the statue of the two tappers, and the railway museum below.

There is then the Craigavon Bridge. We can see Carlisle Road rising from Carlisle Circus up to Ferryquay Gate

To the right of the gate and extending almost to the banks of the river Foyle are the ugly red brick, white roofed structures of the Foyleside shopping centre and its car parks. It is an absolute travesty of a development and serves as a economic vacuum cleaner siphoning money out of Derry to international moneybags as opposed to that money being recycled within the local economy and thereby serving to develop local businesses. Places like the Foyleside, in my view add to the low wage, low employment, low business start up opportunities of communities such as Derry. It is a disgrace. The apparent cheapness of the goods sold there must be offset by the unemployment and low wages and business closures that follow. The dissappearance of shops in Carlisle Road, Spencer Road, Waterloo Street and everywhere else in the city including the traders in the street market is proof positive of the malicious influence of international vacuum cleaner big business on the economy of Derry.

Just in front of the Foyleside, behind the trees and before the bend in the river can be seen the Tourist Information Centre - almost invisible to us and by reason of the remoteness of its location rarely encountered by tourists.

Just beyond and to the right of Ferryquay gate can be seen the Gothic tower and gableing of the Guild Hall. Behind it is the Tower Hotel (?). Between the two and in the distance on the bank of the river are the Derry City Council offices. Behind that and to the left can be sen the trees in the grounds of, and beyond them the roofs of Magee College of the University of Ulster.

The buildings from the council offices to the right and on the river bank and up to Sainsbury's car park are blocks of flats. Sainsbury's is another vacuum cleaner and sits like an ugly parasite uglyfying one of the best riverbank sites in the city.

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